Enfusoft is a toolset which creates complex tile-able patterns made from a library of images.

Pattern types:

  • GRID: Arrange images into a grid array. [Ex:below grid pattern w/ vertical offset]
  • PACK: Pack images organically within a space. [Ex:below faces, coffee, letters, flowers]
  • TOSS: Scatter images randomly. [Ex:below jumble pattern]

Below is a quick list (not comprehensive) of some features of each pattern type:


  1. Change column/row counts
  2. Change width, spacing, & offset
  3. Scale and angle jitter adjusting ranges
  4. Change background color or keep alpha


  1. Imported images acquire auto generated physics shapes
  2. Run multiple simulations of gravity: up, down, left, right, center, & edge
  3. Modifier tools using the toolbar at your disposal
  4. Lock certain images and create solid immobile assets within the simulation


  1. Controlled randomness: Adjust all the dials of asset count, scale %, rotation
  2. Change background color or keep alpha
  3. Toggle on/off show tile and show canvas
  4. Change canvas sizes 


I'll be adding tutorial videos here as I produce them.


  • [Ctrl+P]              New PACK
  • [Ctrl+G]              New GRID
  • [Ctrl+T]              New TOSS
  • [G]                   Grab Tool
  • [V]                   Move Tool
  • [R]                   Rotate Tool
  • [S]                   Scale Tool
  • [B]                   Pencil Brush Tool
  • [E]                   Eraser Tool
  • [M]                   Marque Tool
  • [Z]                   Zoom
  • [SPACEBAR]            Hand Tool
  • [1]                   Show Both Collision Shape + Image
  • [2]                   Show Image Only
  • [3]                   Show Physics Only
  • [Ctrl+B]              Change Background Color
  • [Ctrl+SPACEBAR]       Run / Generate (Tool Specific)
  • [Ctrl+E]              Export to PNG
  • [T]                   Show Tiling
  • [C]                   Show Canvas
  • Contextual keys
  • [SHIFT]               Brush Tool: Draw in straight line
  •                       Eraser Tool: Erase in straight line
  •                       Marque: Add to Selection
  • [ALT]                 Marque: Subtract from Selection


What is Enfusoft?

  • Enfusoft provides Designers a tool to build complex graphical patterns quickly.

Who is Enfusoft for?

  • Professionals or Hobbyists
  • Art Publishers
  • Brand Licensors
  • Design Studios
  • Document Studios
  • Educational Institutions
  • Fine Artists
  • Graphic Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Licensing Agents
  • Photographers
  • Publications
  • Textile Design Studios
  • Marketing Departments & Ad Agencies 
  • Video Game Industry
  • Movie Industry
  • Architects
  • Industrial Designers
  • Web Designers
  • UI/UX Designers

Where can Enfusoft be useful?

  • Designers creating complex patterns made from a library of materials often have to laboriously place each asset individually, then make the pattern tile or arranged to fit the clients' end needs. Enfusoft enables quick iteration in seconds, and has many built in tiling features. 

What are the benefits of using Enfusoft?

  • Save Artists / Designers time.
  • Artists / Designers can focus on building up their respective library of assets.
  • Quickly taking a library of assets and create hundreds of varied patterns useful for a variety of different uses.

What type of images does Enfusoft accept & produce?

  • Image types Enfusoft can import: PNG, JPG, BMP
  • Image type Enfusoft will export: PNG, JPG, BMP

Is Enfusoft a stand-alone application?

  • Yes. You provide the image assets, and it outputs a pattern image. Enfusoft is designed to make patterns, not to make image adjustments, so many Designers may use Enfusoft in tandem with other image editing software such as Photoshop. Enfusoft is not a drawing tool, it arranges already created images into complex patterns.

What platforms can Enfusoft run on?

  • Currently Enfusoft is Windows only, and we will evaluate other platforms, but you can run Bootcamp or VM and run it on a MAC! In fact, Enfusoft was developed entirely on a Mac running vmware fusion. If you'd like to run this on a Mac you'd need to get either Parallels  or VMware Fusion, and Windows.

What is the difference between the trial & full versions?

  • The trial does not allow you to load your own image library nor export a final image. Enfusoft does however come preloaded with a sample asset library by Enfu, so you can explore how you would use it.

Can I try it before I buy it?

  • We encourage you to try it to see for yourself. It comes pre-loaded with Enfu art assets for you to test with. The trial version however limits you to using only the provided library and prevents you from saving off final patterns. Buy the full version to unlock and import your own images and export your own patterns. 

What is the story behind Enfusoft?

  • Enfusoft is created by two veterans in the video game industry: Ken Taya [aka enfu] and Dan Beenfeldt.
  • Enfu wanted to be able to quickly arrange little drawings into patterns for garment design. His background as a video game Environment Artist had him create countless seamless tiling textures for games, and he wanted to apply that to the surface industry.

Your tool does not do this yet can you make it do this?

  • Enfusoft will continue to evolve to become a better tool with more added features planned for the near future. We will continually update you on new features in the News section and anybody who had already purchased the tool will automatically get access to these new features. But we are also only two people so we will do our best to implement features that make the most sense. Thank you for your patience!

How much is Enfusoft?

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