Enfusoft is a toolset which creates complex tile-able patterns made from a library of images.

Pattern types:

  • GRID: Arrange images into a grid array. [Ex:below grid pattern w/ vertical offset]
  • PACK: Pack images organically within a space. [Ex:below faces, coffee, letters, flowers]
  • TOSS: Scatter images randomly. [Ex:below jumble pattern]

Below is a quick list (not comprehensive) of some features of each pattern type:


  1. Change column/row counts
  2. Change width, spacing, & offset
  3. Scale and angle jitter adjusting ranges
  4. Change background color or keep alpha


  1. Imported images acquire auto generated physics shapes
  2. Run multiple simulations of gravity: up, down, left, right, center, & edge
  3. Modifier tools using the toolbar at your disposal
  4. Lock certain images and create solid immobile assets within the simulation


  1. Controlled randomness: Adjust all the dials of asset count, scale %, rotation
  2. Change background color or keep alpha
  3. Toggle on/off show tile and show canvas
  4. Change canvas sizes